About Company

Profile Of Company

the Egyptian National Company for Industrial Development is one of the National Service Project Organizations’ companies and it’s an Egyptian joint Stock company that operates with the Private Free Zones System founded in 2019 to produce all types of yarn, carpets, fabrics in all types, producing and manufacturing the ready- made clothes of all types, producing and manufacturing all the Military supplies, (combat and civil bulletproof vests, combat and civil helmets, combat suits, battledresses, shockproof and bulletproof ordnance, and shoes) manufacturing and preparing all kinds of ordnance and the wooden or metal furniture for exporting purposes and manufacturing all the types of socks.

The company was constructed on an area of 1804173.03 M2 equivalent to (429 acres, 11 carats and 13.38 shares) pursuant to the investment act issued in the law no 72 in 2017 and its implementing regulation, divided into two phases, the inauguration of the first phase on an area of 854 thousand M2 which roughly equivalent to 203 acres, was in July 2020, and it includes yarn, textile, dyeing and preparations’ factories. In addition to the second phase on an area of 950173.03 M2 which roughly equivalent to 226 acres, as a future extension.

Company Establishment

  1. Cabinet decision no 50 of 2018 issued by the head of the cabinet on the twenty fifth of Rabi’ul-Aual -Rabi’ the first- year 1440 AH (3rd of Dec 2018) which is published in the official paper edition 48 (bis).
  2. Ministry of Defense Secretariat’s ratification.
  3. Establishment certification from the General Investment Authority : 01-1-24539-19 on 24/12/2019.
  4. Commercial register : 144287

Company Vision

Our vision is to be an Egyptian invaluable reputable trademark not just on local level but also on an international level using the modern technological inventions as well as the international quality standards and specifications.

Company Mission

We support our partners to improve the industrial performance, develop it and raising the manufactured products quality in order to meet the international specifications.

And that happens through communicating with the international research centers and utilizing the modern technological means, and the promise to produce and manufacture high quality products.

Company Products

  1. Fine cotton yarn 100% Egyptian cotton from no 30 to 200 English.
  2. Coarse cotton or mixed yarn from 16 to 50 English.
  3. Dyed and printed textile fabrics up to a 180 centimeter width.
  4. Dyed, printed and knitted fabric.
  5. Bulletproof vest and combat helmet.
  6. Wooden and Metal furniture.
  7. Different types of shoes.
  8. Different types of Socks.

Company Experiences

The approach of quality and integrity is a lifelong commitment that relates to all phases and operations beside the Company’s current experience and which reflects on the performance quality and achieving all the requirements as well as reaching the ideal form in all production operations.

The human capital is carefully selected among the best experts who have professional and technical experiences as well as the constant motivation for innovation and growth in all company’s productive sections.

Product Material

The National Company uses the best material throughout all manufacturing phases of national and international standards and measurements which are tested by many accredited tests to ensure its quality and to meet all the required standards.

Company Environmental Policy

The commitment to a healthy environment is reflected in every process and policy within the company to fulfill its promise to be an environmentally friendly green organization.

Company Certificates

  1. ISO Certificate
  2. Egyptian Cotton Certificate